UKGC and what they do

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission was established under a 2005 law but formed on the 1st of September 2007. Gambling online has become very common in the UK, thus the government took an initiative approach to protect its citizens’ and players by forming the UKGC. Its main purpose is to regulate and license all kinds of gambling sites online that offer services to UK citizens.

The UKGC main objectives

The UK gambling commission is put in place to protect gamblers from an easily corrupt system. Keeping businesses in line and by the book. This is important, gambling is supposed to be fun. A game of risk and reward. The UKGC is there to ensure that when you put your money on the line that it is handled in a fair and legal manner.

uk gambling commissionA safe hand for gambling

The purpose of the Gambling Commission is to protect the people that use these services. The aim is to keep crime out of gambling and to ensure that all gambling institutions work in a fair and open manner. They are in charge of licencing and monitoring of gambling businesses and can revoke said licences if these companies fail to follow the guidelines set by the Gambling Commission.

a gambling issue?

Gambling has always had its issues, be it the companies partaking in unfair play, the back ally illegal games or the addiction some users are sucked into by playing. The Gambling Commission is there to protect the user and make sure that it is done in a legal, fun and a fair way. Bringing some stability to a previously corrupt system.