Curacao License

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Curacao is among the first jurisdictions to have ever regulated online gambling and have been offering e-gaming licences since 1996 even though online gaming legislation was first created in 1993. Online gambling is considered legitimate in Curacao provided the gambling company has proper licensing. Any casino displaying the Curacao license has definitely been subjected to thorough investigations and is subject to audit on a regular basis by the Curacao authorities.

How To Apply.

Curacao gaming license application forms and services guide are usually provided upon request. The services guide usually contains all the necessary information regarding operation requirements and compliance. Applicants should meet the compliance services requirements before they apply. Filled forms together with supporting documents can be sent by electronic form, for the application process to begin. Depending on how fast the applicant provides the necessary information and documents, the whole application process takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

Advantages Of Curacao Gaming License

Several gambling operators choose to license with Curacao because of their favourable tax laws. They charge as little as just 2% tax on gained profits. Their licensing procedures are quick and less expensive compared to other licensing procedures. They do not have any barrier to entry for Potential investors. All an operator needs are; cash and a genuine casino.

Curaçao – A leading regulated Jurisdiction

Since the year 1996, Curacao has been globally recognized and appreciated for being the leading eGaming and eCommerce marketplace in the world. The Curacao jurisdictions initiative has been in the eGaming industry for over a decade by offering specialized licences for eGaming operators. Companies that need the necessary performance and reliability find Curacao the best in terms of infrastructure services.