Alchemist’s Lab

alchemist lab slot machine

Fancy assuming the role of a chemist or a magician and win great prizes? If that sounds like you, you’ll want to check out Playtech’s Alchemist’s Lab video slot. Alchemy has always been held high in the mystical world, and this casino game is your best bet for mixing all sorts of objects to create something valuable.

Magic Meets Technology

You don’t need a magic wand to play Alchemist’s Lab. All you need to get teleported to a world of magic and wonder is your smartphone or computer. You don’t even have to place a wager to play Alchemist’s Lab. You can try your hand at combining the different symbols for free on this beautifully designed game. When you get the hang of things, you can make the most out of the bonus game for a chance to win prizes.

Three Magical Reels

Speaking of design, you’ll want to pay close attention to the three reels because that’s where all the action happens. Matching a set of three symbols on the reels guarantees you instant prizes. You’ll want to also keep an eye on the green potion on the left which shows your total bets and the blue potion that shows your winnings.

Make Gold With Your New Alchemy Skills

Playing Alchemist’s Lab is pretty simple. There are no wild combinations to remember, but you’ll want to learn how the bonus round gets triggered because that’s where you will find the best prizes. You get to the bonus level when you land 3 books on the reels. The bonus level is a new mini-game where you get to choose 7 potions. Get your choices right and Alchemist’s Lab rewards you with huge winnings.