How to Spot a Bad casino

There are many things that set a bad casino apart from a good one. This website is created as a guide for people to learn to difference between a good and a bad casino site, we will go through how to find out if the people behind it is a serious actor, how a good bonus looks like, what games to look for, what payment methods that should exist, what features that should exist on the page and much much more. Hopefully after reading this guide you will be able to make a educated guess whether you should play on a specific casino or not.


uk flag pngThe first thing that everyone that tries to find a new casino should look for is what kind of licenses that casino have. The license information is in 99% of the cases located in the footer of the casino and can look something like this “ is operated by LeoVegas Gaming Ltd. in the UK under casino license from the Gambling Commission – UK License Number: 000-039198-R-319450-007 (originally issued November 1st 2014) and a Betting license from the Gambling Commission – UK License Number: 000-039198-R-319450-007 (originally issued April 29th 2016).”

If you are a player from the United Kingdom then it is crucial that the casino that you are playing on have a license from the UK Gambling Commission, otherwise you will have to report your winnings to the tax authorities and pay taxes on them, which would be a complete waste of money.

If you are a player from an EU country that does not have their own gambling commission you should either be looking for a Maltese License or a Gibraltar License. Since EU have a free trade act the casinos Licensed by these countries are able to “sell” their products to other EU countries, unless the country itself offers a gambling license with their own rules attached to it, this would then supercede the other licenses. An example of countries that already have their own License is France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Denmark. Same rule applies here that if you are playing at a casino that does not have the correct license for the country that you are playing for you will be eligible to report and pay taxes for any winnings you have acquired. So if you find a casino that does not have a license or does not have the correct license, never play there.

Who is behind the casino?

Another quick way to spot if a casino is a bad or a good casino is to do some background check on who is actually behind the casino. Many of the casinos that gets launched today are created by companies that already have a bunch of casinos behind them, for example Betsson Group AB which is a very well known casino operator owns and operates over 20 different casinos and sportsbooks all over the world and is very unlikely to put up a bad or a less serious casino than some completely random guy that decided to start a casino. The more serious actors that is behind it, the smaller is the chances for having trouble with things such as payouts, hidden bonus conditions or that the casino one day decided to shut down.

What kind of welcome bonus the casino is offering

The welcome bonus is the thing that almost all casinos try to brag about and show to the world, it is the easiest way for a casino to entice person who does not regularly play casino to just try it out, and hopefully thereafter keep playing at that casino. There is a golden rule that does apply to welcome bonuses though, if it sounds too good to be true, then it most definitely that is the case as well. Welcome bonuses and, other bonuses as well always comes with a set of requirements for you to be able to win any money from it. The most common way for a casino to decrease the chances you have to be able to win and money from the actual bonus is to add a wager requirement on it. For example if you have a wager requirement of 35 times the bonus amount it would mean that if you got $100 in bonus you would have to play for $3500 before you can make a withdrawal. This is a way to ensure the casino that you actually keep playing with the money and so that you just can’t make a withdrawal the second you’ve gained your bonus money. Another thing that casino usually do is that they set a maximum win on your bonus, so for example if you were to get 10 free spins absolutely for free when you created your account, they might have set a limit of around $10 as a maximum that you are able to withdraw from it(which might even be lower than their own withdrawal limit).

This means that if unless you’re just playing casino for recreational reasons then you should try to find a casino bonus with as low wagering requirements as possible and focus less on how big the bonus really is.

An example of a good casino bonus could be something like this:

10 free spins on registration with maximum win of $10

first deposit: 200% up to $200 which means that you would get $300 to play with if you deposited $100 and a wager requirement around 20x.

second deposit: 100% up to $100 with same wager requirements

third deposit: 100% up to $100 with same wager requirements

fourth deposit: 200% up to $200 with same wager requirements

This would make it able for you to keep playing for a good while even if you’re running bad and you have a good chance to actually wager the requirements to be able to earn money from the winnings.

Payment methods

An easy way to spot a bad casino is also to check out which kind of payment methods they are offering their players. If it is a bad or shady casino you will probably find very few of them and probably some brands that you have never seen before as well.The casino should have atleast Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller to be considered a good casino, if the casino is dealing in bitcoin or any other sudo currency then it is a high probability that the casino is set up for things like money laundering or scamming, which is preferable to stay away from at all times.


Most casinos have close to identical assortment of games where they at least offer games from Net Entertainment, Quickspin, Playtech, Microgaming, Yggdrasil gaming and some others. If you can’t find games from at minimum two of these game suppliers then i would not trust the casino. There is a few well known cases where people have created their own games or made copies of already existing well known games to be able to change the return to player percentage so that the player does not have anywhere close to a fair chance of beating the casino. This is what makes it important to really check so that the casino is trustworthy and have all the attributes of a good casino.

Overall design and features

You can find out a lot about a website by it’s look and feel. If the casino is only created to try and scam people for a short period of time it is most likely that they have not overdone any development on the page either. Look for things like special features like that you get extra points from playing at their casino which you later can trade in for free spins or something similar. Also look for how the casino is designed, does it look and feel like a serious casino from the beginning or is everything semi-buggy? Here you only have your gut feeling to go by.


What kind of support does the casino offer? For a casino to be considered serious they should have phone support and mail support opened 24/7.


Any good casino today have a well functioning and good looking mobile version of the page, this is also a good indication if it’s bad or good.


To make this simple, what you should look for to avoid a bad casino is this:

  1. Does the casino have the right license for your country?
  2. Does the casino have serious actors behind it?
  3. Does it have a fair welcoming offer? Look for the wagering requirements and not the bonus itself.
  4. Does the casino have the right payment methods like visa, mastercard, neteller and skrill? Stay away from places that offer payments in bitcoins or similar currencies.
  5. Does it have all the necessary games from all the best game providers? If not, it is possible that they are using phony games that they have created themselves or bought from the internet to decrease your chances of winning greatly.
  6. Does the casino look like it’s a good casino? Look for design, special features and how smooth everything works.
  7. Does it have a good support that is always there to help you with any question, any time?
  8. Does the casino have a good mobile version, or any mobile version for that matter?